The Aluminum Fixed-Pitch Pen

An aeronautically inspired recording instrument. Aerohart draws inspiration from the accomplishments in aircraft construction to design timeless and functional dry goods for everyday use. Our latest offering, the gravity-defying Fixed-Pitch Pen, is an attestment to our commitment to honor aviation legacy with modern tools. 

The success of the extremely limited edition our inaugural product, the wooden Fixed-Pitch Pen, in the spring, has encouraged us to fly further. Just as propeller manufacturing began with wood and evolved into aerograde aluminum, so too has our Fixed-Pitch Pen. The result; bringing to life an ambitious project, our first metal writing device.

Designed to inspire, the gravity-defying Fixed-Pitch Cone stimulates the imagination. What was originally modeled after the streamlined fairing fitted over a propeller hub, now grounds your thoughts and the stability of this writing instrument.

Machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, the prime alloy in aircraft construction, the pen body comprises the pillars of aviation materials: durability, and lightweight. The weighted base, milled from a solid block of 304 stainless steel, offers the balance required in aeronautical engineering. With a striking fitting form, the Fixed-Pitch Pen is an instrument designed for those who feel comfortable in extreme environments.

The Fixed-Pitch Pen is built to last. Our creation was designed to accommodate changeable G2 ink refills. One of the best-selling, best-known inks worldwide, this classic type of rollerball refill is widely acclaimed for its great consistency and smooth flow. It is your pen made dateless at an accessible cost.

Crafted to put the world on a sheet of paper. The threaded cap attached to the barrel of the pen protects its tip when it is not standing on the Fixed-Pitch Cone. When crossing the world, the Fixed-Pitch Pen is the perfect companion to capture your own perspective of reality.

With a distinctive and clean look that is just as comfortable mid-Atlantic flight, as it is a Monday morning in the city, our signature pen redefines classic. The three basic principles of Aerohart; functionality, precision, and reliability, are married here into timeless elegance.