The Fixed-Pitch Pen

A recording instrument inspired by the golden age of aviation. Aerohart’s inaugural launch is a heartfelt tribute to vintage aircraft. Moved by the fearlessness of aeronautical legacy and crafted in line with the constant search for structural improvements in aviation, the Fixed-Pitch Pen is the writing tool for the twenty-first-century explorer.

Designed to stimulate the imagination, the lines of the Fixed-Pitch Pen draw inspiration from the aesthetics of the Fixed-Pitch Propeller, aviation's iconic device, and the heart of our brand. Aerohart set out to design our signature dry good to offer you the energy of flight in everyday use.

Carved from hardwoods, the material that enabled heavier-than-air machines to take the skies, the Fixed-Pitch Pen comprises the pillars of aircraft construction: durability, functionality, and precision. With a striking fitting form, it is an instrument designed for those who feel comfortable in extreme environments.

The Fixed-Pitch Cone is the identity of Aerohart. As a component, it has endured decades of aeronautical achievements, perfectly fitted over the propeller hub. Similarly, our timeless, gravity-defying pen is the ultimate sample of a fluid, stable, and reliable writing instrument.

The Fixed-Pitch Pen is built to last. Our creation was designed to accommodate changeable G2-style ink cartridges. One of the best-selling, best-known inks worldwide, this classic type of rollerball refill is widely acclaimed for its great consistency and smooth flow. It is your pen made dateless at an accessible cost.

Machined from corrosion-resistant, long-lasting stainless steel, the Fixed Pitch Pen Tip was crafted to withstand heavy use and remain undamaged even in the presence of liquid or the friction from writing. One tool is all you need to record your experience traveling the world.